Twiggy Drive project


The desire of many is about to become reality.

Twiggy Drive project | www.memsys.itFor over 35 years since the launch of Apple Lisa (officially presented on January 19, 1983), the project to “bring back to life” the Twiggy Drive was born.

Il Twiggy Drive is a device designed by Apple Computer in the early 80s to equip the Lisa series computers.
It consists of a double drive for 5.25 “floppy disks, with” advanced “features for the technology of that time:

  • double side;
  • reading/writing heads installed in a non-opposing position (to limit its wearing);
  • variable engine speed (218 to 320 RPM) to optimize performance based on the head position;
  • track pitch increased to 62.5 TPI (compared to standard TPI);
  • storage capacity of 871,424 bytes.
The project already sees ended the following steps:

Twiggy Drive Project | www.memsys.itmechanical design: the frame and all the mechanical accessories details has been completely redesigned;



Twiggy Drive Project | www.memsys.itelectrical drawing of both the digital and analogue boards, that equip the drive itself;



Twiggy Drive Project | www.memsys.itelectronic drawing of the printed circuits of the cards themselves.




The next step involves the construction of prototypes and the subsequent commercialization.
If you are interested in the project, fill in the following form and we will keep you informed as soon as the first prototypes will be available.

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